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Thank you for visiting my website.  This site is dedicated to the various bits of writing that I produce from time to time.  I hope you like it and them.

I write

  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy and Mythology
  • Historical Fiction
  • Poems and Prose
  • The occasional philosophical comment

I like to think that my writings are more than just words on paper.  Certainly I believe that we all need that mystery, awe and sense of wonder in our modern, jaded world.  Hopefully I have achieved at least a little of that.

*** To be read out loud exactly as written***

HOW TO BE ERUDITE Or - fings wus bettr wen I wus yung

Wos finking of the older tymes
wen things wos very simpel
and peepel wur a bit moor kind
and i still had a dimpel
and skool was fun and frends wur yung
but poleesmen maid me trembel
and, using, commas, wos, wot, wos, dun
and i lerned to use a pensil

Of making many books there is no end... As a wise man once said


And it is true that there are millions upon untold millions of words on paper, electronic formats and countless differing languages and ways of saying things - so why bother?

Because words matter:  without communication that lifts us up above the mundane we are little better than robots.  George Orwell in his amazing book "1984" spoke of a time when the language would be trimmed and watered down: cutting out words that evoked a response, so that people would not have a word to express any feelings or emotions and that those feelings of wonder and innovation and humanity would eventually atrophy and die and the State would be All.

Things of wonder and beauty would no longer be "lovely" or "Exhilarating" they would simply be 'nice' - and if special then they would be 'nice nice'




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(The works of the masters bringing light into our souls)

I remember reading Elliot

Trying to make sense of it

three trees on the low sky. And an old white horse galloped away

 or Dante with his punishments

his description of the firmaments

“Abandon every hope, who enter here;

 Or the Lion, Lewis tells of

Narnia the master of

He is not a tame lion, after all

Or Shakespeare quoting Hamlet

Who seeing madness played it

“alas, poor Yorick I knew him, Horatio..”

Loving Tolkein, Feist and Niven

To much reading I am given

“In the beginning was the Word

 No reason to my reading

Or the choices I am making

"of the making  of many books there is no end.”

Whether Metre, Prose or Rhyme

It is freedom to my mind

"I have a dream"




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