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Alone in the Universe? (Semifinalist in International Poetry Competition)

And so another year has risen and set - and we still aren't out in the stars as yet
and we haven't explored the Milky Way - and we haven't seen Earth from light years away.
 But the Galaxy has turned very slightly and Relativity burns ever brightly
and stars are born and stars have died and ancient races have sat and cried.
 The universe has aged a little and time has grown a bit more brittle
and we are somewhere in this vast black ocean and lost in the dust of our own imagination.
 But despite the fact that we are small - and a tiny, tiny part of this overwhelming all
and that some think that we don't really matter - and that this cosmos is all chaos and clatter.

Sky Farmers

Early Days:


We couldn’t grow anything on the Moon

So we built this farm between deep red cliffs

And we watch for the times that the bright, blue Earth

Shines in the black sky.


The ground is fertile and we have dug water

From the dark ice in the south.

The days will come when children can run

Free near small rivers.


And the sky will be blue.




Our fathers found the red lands too small

And so we make our farms on a green world

Which travels with it’s entourage of tiny moons

Around a blue star.


Some of the constellations remind us of the images of Earth,

But some are odd.

Like animals that our ancestors never hunted or farmed,

And have different meanings in our lives.


There is much water and many lush valleys.

The children grow strong in the heavy gravity.

And play their games in the long days,

And dream of the blue world so far away.



Much later:


The clan is spread on worlds

So far from home

That the children are different in shape

As well as colour.


And the giant ships that pass between peoples

Take our fruit to the edges of the galaxy.

And our grain to the rich, blue world

That our race sprang from.


The simple things never change.




 Endless You are:

Wider than the Stars.

Already standing

On the sands of Mars.

You stand alone. 


Timeless You be:

Older than the sea.

Walking in light

Before the Universe burst free.

You walk in harmony.


Changeless are You:

The One Who is true.

When the universe runs down

You make all things new.

You run throughout the circle of the universe


Stronger than all:

Redeemer from the Fall.

Planets dance endlessly

In answer to your call.

You dance with glad abandon.


Wise beyond thought:

Making everything from naught.

Climbing down from Your majesty

Found when You are sought.

You climb with us on our mountains.



Lover beyond all pain

Giving Yourself for our gain

Laying down Your life

To take it up again.

You lift us into Your Eternity.


  (C) Robert P Mills May 2002